Training and Employment Consortium


Worker Retraining
"Funding your Future"

Benefits for participating:

Access to staff who are committed to your personal academic and career success.

Career Guidance
Tutoring Resources
Assistance with School Selection
Budgeting and Planning for School
Assistance with FAFSA Application
Help with Resumes and Job Search
Skills Training at the WSO Center
Assistance to secure employment
On-The-Job Training

Call TEC at:

541-523-0343 - Baker City,

541-573-6676 (1-800-895-0641) - Burns

541-575-0251 (1-800-895-0573) - Canyon City

541-963-7942 (1-800-956-0324) - La Grande,

541-889-7864 (1-800-694-4558) - Ontario,

541-426-3149 - Enterprise